Civil1 provides demolition services for residential and commercial properties, buildings, town centres, shopping malls, warehouses and more in the Sydney region. Our comprehensive services include; site demolition, site clearance, remediation, asbestos removal, stage-by-stage dismantling and controlled collapsing. At Civil1 we reuse recycle materials and plan our work by considering environmental impact.

Before starting work we ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of local authorities, legislation, Australian standard, industry best practice and SafeWork NSW. Before inception Civil1 prepares site specific risk assessments and SWMS.

Prior to starting demolition work we carry out the following engineering investigative considerations as follows:

  • Selection of demolition procedures, resource allocation, preparation of demolition plan and waste management plan.
  • Analysis of structure regarding strength, building materials, location, height and site contours which will influence the selection of demolition methods.
  • Verifying the composition or quality of structural components
  • Assessing if the proposed methods and sequence of demolition can be executed without causing unpremeditated collapse