Since 2001, Civil 1 Pty Ltd has been operating with a foundation of honesty, reliability and a dedication to quality service. With all relevant insurances and permits we are more than capable of delivering the civil and demolition procedures that you need.

We have completed hundreds of varied projects on heritage buildings, residential, commercial and industrial premises for over a decade. We operate a large fleet of machinery and trucks to facilitate residential and commercial builders. A wide variety of specialised plant and equipment allows us to take on jobs of any size. Our package prices can be provided for all shoring systems such as Piling, Capping Beams, Anchoring and Shotcreting. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to offer low cost service without sacrificing quality.


All our work is compliant with the requirements of the relevant local authorities, service authorities, legislation and Australian Standards and our operation is guided by all relevant policies. Based on project requirements we develop a suitable plan to ensure optimum efficiency and safety of all parties involved.


Safety of worker is fundamental and underpins in everything we do. Integration of safety in normal business practices has been an integral part since inception of operation. Clear vision and mission statement ensure we do not compromise safety of our people and those of subcontractor’s as well.

We work hard to make our workplaces safe and we are constantly assessing the safety of our workplaces. Our company-wide framework helps to ensure our best-practice management of safety and health.

Our people will be safety leaders by:

  • Asking the Stay Safe questions
  • Company-wide learning and Reporting of hazards and incidents
  • Stopping unsafe activity
  • Demonstrating active initiatives


Environmental footprint mitigation plays a key role in working across varied and sensitive areas. Continuous application of best practice methodologies ensures mitigation of environmental risk. Compliance in environmental regulatory requirements enhances reputation of our operation among construction industries and gives us a competitive edge in securing and delivering work.

Here we focus on erosion and sediment control, protection of flora and fauna, reduction of carbon emissions, resource efficiency, and industry standard best practices.

  • Achieve environmental performance goals
  • Liaise with industry, clients and regulators for best practices environmental implementation
  • Meet and exceed client requirements for compliance

To achieve our environmental objectives, we:

  • Take personal accountability for environmental performance.
  • Lead by example and engage with industry, clients and regulators to foster innovation and continual improvement.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets to produce sustainable outcomes and meet client requirements.


The nature of our work means respect for the environment and collaboration with the local communities is paramount.

We know our work disrupts communities and the environment in which we work, so we always strive to give back. Corporate social responsibility is a huge part of our ethos and why we developed the Civil 1 Foundation. The Foundation finances projects that create positive outcomes for indigenous Australians and supports local communities. It also supports our emphasis on environmental management strategies which focus on protecting and restoring our natural surroundings.

We believe responsible, considered interactions with the community and environment lead to sustainable, economic benefits for all.

Civil 1 is a company with strong family and community values, having a deep understanding of and commitment to corporate governance requirements. As a good corporate citizen, we are actively involved in the wider community, its interests and activities; as such, we support numerous community groups both financially and through encouraging employee participation in community activities.

Civil 1’s Board and Management are committed to the principles of ethical corporate governance. We are constantly mindful of our responsibilities as guardians of the natural environment, while performing profitably in the built environment and enhancing the amenity and quality of life of the broader community.